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Arjan Staring

I am Arjan Staring, 24 years old and study Business Information Technology at Twente University in Enschede, the Netherlands. This is my website to show you a bit who I am and what I do.

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Much learning does not teach understanding - Heraclitus

Latest Projects

My fish tanks

I got my first pet fish tank from my girl friend. It was a 15L tank and I kept four gold fish in it. Within a year the hobby grew to three tanks. I do all kinds of DIY-projects for the tanks such as a cooler and automated fertiliser dosing system.

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What started with the development of some websites for neigbors and local small businesses, grew to be my first business. I have done many things with Solgo, started with developing websites, currently an allround IT management company for SMEs

The website isn't that much, but you will probaby get redirected back to this website..

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